Sunday, September 14, 2008

Office Space

The den of a medical student, where learning is bursting at the seams. There are no skeletons in the closet and plenty of books to go around.

The Office

I am learning to spend the greater part of my home-life in the company of Mr. Bones. The office was on the priority list for completion from the day we moved in. Having the right place to study at home or on the road makes a big difference.

I chose to surround myself with anatomical anomalies which have proven very useful. Gifts from my childhood now line the shelves and fill the room with study aids or tools of the trade. Imagining the structural layout of the human body is just not the same as handling a 3-dimensional model or the real thing. But cadavers tend to carry a rather unpleasant odor that is better left at school.

Study environment has a lot to do with the success achieved. Productivity increases when the setting is just right. Some things to consider:

  • Temperature - Warm temperatures can lead to drowsiness
  • Comfort - Posture and seating, if poor, will reduce attention as the pain worsens
  • Nutrition - Decrease sugary/fatty foods and caffeinated beverages
  • Breaks - Study for an hour or two and then take a break to get a snack, shoot hoops, or get some fresh air - it's important to get up and move around at least a little
  • Groups - Input from others can be extremely beneficial, not to mention it is easier to stay on task when multiple people are sharing valuable time
Exam Week

This weekend has proven a respite from the stress of continual studying. We finished our first week of block exams and are quickly moving forward to the second. The great news is that I passed and will now be able to sleep better at night. One exam each day led to some really long evenings of study. It was certainly not the most difficult obstacle in my life, but being the first set of exams made it an uneasy experience.

With our last exam finished, the weekend was open for a little taste of freedom before starting the new material. Some found there ways to the mountains, others to the lake, and me, well I put up lights. I feel like that was my right of passage into manhood, holding so many electrical wires in my hand at once. Just don't laugh when I tell you the power was turned off first.


  1. While I dreamed of decorating my own home one day, I never thought I'd have a skeleton to place in the mix. Mr. Bones definitely put up some creative constraints in creating an office space, but I think once we finish framing and hanging all the da Vinci sketches and other splashes of color the space will be pretty cool. (We'll have to post an updated photo when the room is completely finished.) I think the stethoscope you hung around his neck makes him a little friendlier too.

    As far as the study space goes, creating the shelving above the desk was pretty easy and affordable. (Refinishing the desk COULD have been easy however due to buying poor quality lacquer it wasn't but we'll leave that story out.) The shelves are stable and capable of housing the many more books that will be added to his library throughout medical school.

    All the materials were purchased at Home Depot:
    Two 12"x2"x10' pine planks ($14 each) The lumber assistant at the store will provide customers with one free cut- I took advantage of the service and had four 5' boards for shelves.

    Eight wall bracket supports ($5.79 a pair)

    Wood stain ($5)

    2 cans clear gloss spray lacquer ($3.75)

    Wood screws (Um, I can't remember how much the screws were.)

  2. I wanna see Mr. Bones red nose and geek glasses with his top hat or bowler or whatever it was. That's how I remember him.
    Office looks great. What a good wife you have!
    : )

  3. Dude, awesome. I want a skeleton for my office! Good luck in medical school!


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