Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break

As I wait to board my plane to kick off spring break, the ringing of bells and spun slot machines echos in the background. They are one of the obvious features of the Las Vegas airport that seem to pacify impatient passengers looking for one last effort to win a buck. I'm just trying to get away from it all.


This break could not come at a better time. I know my classmates and I were all burnt out, ready to get a breather from the books and excessive notes. The thought of getting away for the entire week and a half was tempting, but the weather in Vegas is just to nice to miss out this time of year. (I'll be back to enjoy the weather soon)

TUNCOM provides a spring break during the passover holiday, which extends beyond the common week-long break. In an effort to get my head out of the books and into the real world setting, I plan to visit the Emergency Department where I gained most of my clinical experience. This is a much needed reminder as to why I sit through 8 hours of lecture and lab every day. Being among the patients and providers has appeal that cannot easily be put into words.

Safe travels to my colleagues, Happy Easter or Passover to you, and welcome back Spring!


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