Sunday, January 17, 2010

Health Education

As medical school progresses, so do the milestones along the way. From our first cut into a cadaver, to the first successful osteopathic treatment, they contribute to the degrees we will one day hold. This last week we incurred yet another set of milestones in cooperation with the program Project Prepare.

Reproductive Health Services

Project Prepare, and other programs like it, trains medical models to educate students in the proper techniques and skills needed for clinical breast and pelvic examinations on both the males and females. Each educator works with a small group of three to four students at a time. After providing an overview of the exam, each student gets the opportunity to perform the exam on the educator. From experience, the teacher is able to direct the students to the proper structures and guide them from start to finish. It was not only observed learning, but permitted a beneficial hands on approach.

I was personally very impressed by the professional demeanor and first class education that was offered. There are many schools that do not provide their students with an opportunity to learn these skills on a responsive patient. Some use rubber models, cadavers or even surgical patients to teach. By empowering our educators, they were in control of the session and the experience we received. I am grateful for their knowledge and willingness to provide skills that I will need for the rest of my career while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment. Now on to the next milestone...board exams, only five months to go.

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Board Prep Question of the Week

A 23 year sexually active woman presents with a right upper quadrant pain of one day duration. Her pelvic exam is remarkable for purulent vaginal discharge and cervical motion tenderness. Speculum exam reveals a greening material coming out of a reddened cervix. What is the explanation of her RUQ pain?

A. Distention of the liver capsule
B. Choledocholithiasis
C. Cholelithiasis
D. Pyelonephritis
E. Bacterial vaginosis

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