Sunday, August 8, 2010

Medicine in Words

Although I never thought I would be saying this, the last two years have gone by so quickly. The new medical students just arrived for orientation and are sitting in the chairs we once occupied. My chronicled experience is but one among many fellow students.

Sharing the Journey

I can honestly say that I would still be confused if it were not for the students who went before me that took a minute in the hall to explain how to best prepare for what was to come. The confusing calendar of classwork, clinical rotations and residency that we describe to our family and friends dozens of times over was as foreign to me as a new language. The internet has made it easy to find answers in a matter of seconds, but the genuine experience can be lost along the way. For that reason I started this blog to share my experience with others who might be looking for an answer to the question, "what is medical school like?" Until recently, I had difficulty finding any such documented experience.

Not long ago, I was invited to be a contributing author on the combined blog, "The Differential." It is certainly an honor to be among students from around the world who share their ups and downs in regards to their medical education. Our blog is hosted by the well known medical resource Medscape, which increases the exposure our posts receive more than we could achieve on our own. After a little research I learned that there is an entire community of medical provider blogs on their site. At any stage in your training and for almost any specialty, there is a blog just for you. When you get a minute, I recommend creating an account and exploring some of the writings for yourself. Should you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Question of the Week

A 6 year old girl is being evaluated for short stature. She is at the 12th percentile for height and the 34th percentile for weight. Vital signs are within normal limits. And physical exam shows widely spaced nipples and a high arched palate. Karyotyping shows 45XO. Which is she most at risk of developing?

A. Bipolar disorder
B. Breast cancer
C. Mental retardation
D. Mitral valve prolapse
E. Osteoporosis
Answer & Explanation


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