Sunday, September 26, 2010

Resident Fair

Perpetual planning is starting to get on my nerves. If it's not a test, quiz or assignment, it's setting up a rotation or more importantly the rest of my career.


Normally you would think the opportunity to rub shoulders with resident program directors was a great thing. And it certainly can be in the long run, or at least when applying for programs. When I did it, my stress levels went through the roof. Putting on a best-in-show performance and asking smart questions was on everyone's mind and whether I obtained the information I needed is yet to be determined. Overall, the directors, residents and assistants made for very pleasant conversation. The type A personality in me, however, wonders how I measure up.

At least the forum lectures were exactly what I was hoping to learn; how to approach interviews, medical schools and stay strong during those crucial experiences. Despite the simplicity suggested, the emotional, financial, and time commitments are intense. Perhaps I am just exhausted from hours of study preparing for my upcoming shelf exam. Perhaps I am feeling exactly how all students would in this position. In any case, this year of planning is going to be more taxing than I initially imagined.

Question of the Week

In what state should I consider doing my residency and why? If you have the answer, I will gladly entertain your suggestions and reasoning. Otherwise, it may be some time before this question finds a solution.


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