Saturday, November 20, 2010

Medical Professional Attire

First impressions can only be made once. Looking professional is important for any health care provider. As students, we are not only wanting to make a good impression on the patients we see, but we have to let our attendings know that we understand playing the part also means dressing the part. 

Comfortably Dressed

For most rotations we are dressed in modest business attire adorned with the white coat, but there are some rotations where we get to dress a little more comfortably. These times are usually reserved for Surgical, OB/GYN, and Emergency rotations where procedures are common. Most hospitals will even supply cotton scrub uniforms when sterile procedures are expected. Fortunately, even when they are not readily provided, there is an expanding market offering cheap medical scrubs both online and in local stores.

Whether you are looking for medical style attire at an affordable price or simply want some cheap scrub sets to double as pajamas you don't have to look far to find them. They are easy to clean, less restricting than business garb, and you still look professional when wearing your white coat. When I first observed physicians wearing their scrubs around the hospital, I thought it was funny that the tops were always tucked into their pants. Since then I've learned that this is a distinguishing factor among physicians. As funny as it may look, it sets them apart from the rest of the crowd and reintroduces a sense of professionalism through the threads they wear. To avoid looking like a scrub, tuck your scrubs.

Question of the Week
A 6 year old girl is being evaluated for short stature. She is at the 12th percentile for height and the 34th percentile for weight. Vital signs are within normal limits. And physical exam shows widely spaced nipples and a high arched palate. Karyotyping shows 45XO. Which is she most at risk of developing?

A. Bipolar disorder
B. Breast cancer
C. Mental retardation
D. Mitral valve prolapse
E. Osteoporosis

Answer & Explanation


  1. I totally agree with looking the part. How about acting the part? I have a huge problem with doctors and nurses smoking! I could never imagine myself walking into a patient's room and telling them to quite smoking because its bad for their health and then smelling like smoke myself. Healthcare professionals need to practice what they preach! Any thoughts?

  2. Much agreed. Patients are becoming fed up with physicians who continue to neglect their health. If you're going to talk the talk, walk the walk.


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