Sunday, October 30, 2011

Residency Interview – The Sixth

Only a couple states away my alarm sounded early enough to get me moving in the right direction. Sheer terror came over me, however, when I realized I would be driving across time zones putting me at risk for being an hour late to my destination. Needless to say, but I may or may not have driven a little faster than intended

Genesys Hospital & Health

Between the early morning hours and minimal traffic, lost time was quickly made up and I arrived in time for the afternoon interviews. The brisk breeze and color changing trees was a relaxing welcome to Genesys Hospital near Flint, Michigan. Walking in the hospital felt more like finding myself at a hotel lobby. The smells of a busy food court, music from a self-playing grand piano and visually pleasing flowers filled the foyer just beyond the doors. I quickly questioned if I had gone to the right place. Noticing the other suited students, it was apparent I was not lost.

After a brief meet-and-greet over lunch, the program director provided an overview of the day and residency program. We then divided accordingly to our respective interviews. One by one we met with the program director, assistant director, department manager, director of clinical education and chief residents. Each focused on various aspects of the interview including teamwork, leadership, extracurricular activities, and business aspects of medicine. This style was new to me and I tried to take advantage of the opportunity by not repeating answers. I will admit, however, that it felt as though the process was longer since these interactions were so numerous, yet the total time commitment was less than most programs. Well done Genesys.

There was plenty of time to interact with residents and have questions answered in a no-pressure setting. They took us on tours of the emergency department, hospital and associated athletic club. All were very busy, which I did not initially expect by the surrounding rural-esque environment. Genesys lived up to the great things I heard all the way across the country in Las Vegas and I’m glad I had the opportunity to visit their program in person. 

Question of the Week
What non-medical book have you read lately?


  1. Just wanted to add to the suggestion list. Try "The Last Lecture". It's an excellent read and goes fast.

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