Sunday, November 13, 2011

Residency Interview - The Eighth

Missing the snowstorm by a week, remnant evidence of its passing was still visible when I visited the country's northeastern city of Philadelphia. A short distance on the outskirts of the metropolitan limits was one of the community based hospitals in the Aria Health network.

Aria Health

I could not be more grateful for the generosity this program demonstrated. Their original invitation to interview a day earlier had to be turned down as I was visiting another program then. They accommodated my schedule and let me interview among students vying for another specialty the following day. At first, I felt mildly out of place as the line of thought, desired characteristics and program highlights were foreign to me during discussion and presentations. In the end, we were all students looking at a program from different angles which provided interesting insight.

As the lone emergency medicine interviewee, I was whisked away early to interview with the program director who I found as calm and kind as the treatment I had already received. We discussed the usual interview topics, how they intend to expand their program and what they have to offer. Shortly thereafter, a couple of the residents had their go at my application and put me in the proverbial hot seat. It, too, was as relaxed as my initial interactions leaving me feeling welcome and at ease with the experience.

A teaching session with the residents was led by local physicians in various specialties. Apparently, the medical institutions in the Philadelphia area are very open to sharing faculty in support of advancing medical education. This attitude creates an environment of community among health care facilities, providers and students all for the better. We toured the hospital with the residents who further answered questions about the program and health network. Despite being a smaller community hospital, the personality and character carried by the employees, residents and faculty was appreciable in my decision making. I really enjoyed my time in Philadelphia and exploring what this program had to offer.

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