Sunday, April 29, 2012

Medical Student No More!

That bitter-sweet time came at three o'clock in the morning. I had finished my last shift in the emergency department, in medical school, and in Las Vegas. My last official function as a medical student had officially come to an end. (This might be a good time to celebrate.)

The Knell of Medical School

The walk in solitude to my car in the cool calm of the morning hours was much more subdued than my nervous entry to the classroom on day one. From the first week of school, to my first exam and first patient encounter I have really enjoyed the ride getting to the final destination. With any luck, my medical knowledge has increased and I have learned how to study more effectively. Thankfully, my level of confidence continues to develop and I'm starting to get preceptor questions's about time!

I finally feel like I have something to contribute to the medical community. In due time, that feeling will be validated with my diploma. The dream of a lifetime will be a reality and yet it feels like the time went by so quickly. Residency will be a completely different animal, but at least I won't have to take out more loans to participate there. For now, I am reconnecting with my lost weekends, sleep and play time. This is the breath of fresh air I've been waiting to experience for a long time.

Question of the week
What looks like a doctor, works like a doctor and is shortly going to be a doctor?



  1. Congratulations! I know you're looking forward to the next phase of this journey. Best wishes in residency.

  2. Thanks Beth! It's been quite the journey, thanks for hanging in there for the ride :)

  3. Congrats!!! And good luck with residency, do you think you will continue to blog about it?

  4. Thanks! I would like to think I will continue blogging about residency, but I don't know what kind of time I will have. Time will tell :)


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