Sunday, November 2, 2008

Exam Week Two

Highlighting the culmination of the last six weeks, this picture does not give justice to the vast amounts of knowledge one can obtain from studying the actual anatomy.


Our anatomy course has most recently led us into the depths of the human thorax and abdomen to explore the respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, and digestive systems located in these cavities. At first the information never seemed to end until I realized it was likely there would be no end. With our second week of exams already here, I continue to find things I did not learn the first time around.

It is for this reason there are medical specialists who know everything there is to know. Obviously, medical school is the learning grounds for medical knowledge and is meant to be the foundation for a successful career in the field.

Complexity arises where every individual is different. Slight variations in anatomy, surgeries, and body mechanics make the anatomical studies unique with every cadaver. Despite the hours of time spent with one, the next may have alterations that tell a different story. Physicians learn what occurs most frequently and divergent findings become the abnormalities to be treated. Although anatomy may be a difficult subject, if we do not learn it now, we will have to do it later. Learning it now while I have the time seems to be the better choice.

Exam Preparation

Exam block week 2 is here and I am starting to wear thin. Long days of lecture and late nights of reviewing past material is exhausting work. I am realizing that my first exam week was a training period for study habits. Rather than starting early, I started late, causing excessive unneeded stress. This time around, my study group made a concerted effort to dedicate more time to our review of materials early on. It sure has made a considerable difference in the stress levels since cramming is not an issue and I actually get to sleep at night.

Here's to a good week of exams, remembering all the important points, and getting enough sleep each night to be able to function properly the next day. And if Friday can hear me, please get here quick.


  1. Hang in there Josh you can do it! You're so smart i doubt you will have much of a problem.

  2. I guess Pink Floyd's 1979 smash hit, "We don't need no Education" really doesn't apply to doctors...(wife yells) Hey teachers leave my boy alone!

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