Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kidney Health

What do acids, bases, filtration, resorption, and secretion all have in common? If the title and image have not already given it away, they are crucial components of the kidney's functioning.

Renal Physiology

From that glass of lemonade to micturition, we have most recently explored the kidneys down to the smallest functional unit, the nephron. Understanding how it all works can be complicated and at times convoluted (pun intended...for those who are kidney junkies). Fortunately, the internet is full of wonderful teaching aides and notes on the subject.

Although they are somewhat daunting, kidneys make sense, if studied enough. "Where sodium goes, water follows," and with that little phrase you have a lot of the kidney solved. Just make sure there is enough water in the system to begin with.

Clinical Corner


Our bodies are composed of a majority of water, yet we don't replenish it often enough. Drinking 2-3 liters of water each day is a difficult task, but when we lose so much throughout the day it is important to replace it in order for our bodies to function properly. "Pee pale" is a suggested line that implies getting enough clear fluids so that the urine is less concentrated. This ensures a well hydrated body that can filter waste products, run vital molecular reactions, and maintain optimal health. So the next time you are about to order a fountain drink, get a water instead, your body will thank you.


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