Sunday, May 3, 2009

Student Organizations

With the latest public health scare, swine flu, people are taking drastic measures to avoid exposure and in some cases society. There is no need to show up at work or school in your bio-suit yet.

Medical Student Organizations

I am certainly not avoiding the masses, at least not those that get together at school or in the community. As the first year of medical school comes to a close and the second year students are graduating from the classroom setting, each organization has to pass the torch to next year's student officers.

Organizations range from student government and class officers to a smattering of specialty interest groups. Recently, I was voted into office as secretary/treasurer of both the TUNCOM a cappella singing group "in TUN" and the "Emergency Medicine Interest Group." With the course load I anticipate next year, preparing for board examinations, and my involvement in another handful of groups these positions suit me just fine.

In preparation for residency programs, many students incorporate a variety of skills to better their curriculum vitae. Participation in student organizations provides opportunities for leadership, community service, and an unique way to learn a new skill or interest. Officers and members of these organizations build skills that are valuable in residency and future careers. Holding leadership positions, however, build a student's CV for the upcoming residency interviews. The bottom line is, get involved. Just like going from college to medical school, they will be looking for diversity and experience.

If your school doesn't have an organization that you think would be helpful, start one. Not only would you be a member, but you could be the founder too. If you are looking for organizations outside of school you may consider the Red Cross or Medical Reserve Corps for opportunities to get involved in your community.

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  1. Congrats! Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know if it was the same emphasis on activities...


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