Sunday, July 26, 2009

Healthcare Reform

Political propaganda just keeps rearing its face in lieu of the healthcare debate. Making sense of it all is an entirely different story and I am no where near understanding.

Healthcare Debate

With the new president and political party, we are soon to be introduced to a new form of healthcare. As medical students we may not yet be intimately involved in the business aspects yet, but we certainly will be in the future. Medicine as we know it today will change to adapt to the new policies decided in Washington.

In March, the largest gathering of osteopathic students and professionals held a conference in Washington D.C. to share their voice with politicians concerning healthcare reform. Considering the task before them, politicians may take a while before coming to a consensus, but the August deadline remains.

It is exciting to imagine how things will change by the time I and my colleagues graduate. Nevertheless, the majority of physicians are not content with the way things are moving. Understandably, the idea of doctors doing more and getting paid less is not an appealing alternative to their current standing. Perhaps if doctors were to be sponsored like professional athletes, there would be no need to worry.

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  1. its the same thing here in germany and in lithuania. docotrs are overworked and underpaid. there are not enough docs, so the few have to deal with the workload. many migrate to sweden, the UK. Australia and Switzerland, since working conditions and salary are much better there. I know that things are not rosy, but let's face it mate the situation will never satisfy anybody. in the current state of financial chaos thing wont improve at all. so lets just hope that by the time we graduate thing will look a bit better and we can at least hope for some releive on our very difficult and responsible job!


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