Sunday, March 21, 2010

Second Exam Week Five

We are on the verge of having one more set of exams behind us. With some quick arithmetic, that means spring break is almost here, and it's time for board studies to kick into full gear.


Somewhere along the way, one of our teachers mentioned that just by choosing to become a physician and going through the process, we would be decreasing our life span a significant number of years. Finding enough research to support this claim, on the other hand was not easy. Now, more than ever, I think I understand it's foundation. The never ending struggle to be on top of things and keep up with all the stress has had a deleterious effect on me mentally as well as physically.

Although this week's block exams may not lead to my demise, this profession might. Considering the alternatives, I am OK with this. As for life expectancies related to health conditions, World Life Expectancy has broken down the statistics to map out diseased counties. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, it seems that we are all geographically at risk for something. My interpretation; eat healthy, exercise regularly and live happily.

Board Prep Question of the Week
A 4-year-old girl came home from day care and developed fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea containing flecks of bright-red blood and pus. The girl did not ingest any food at day care. Which is the most likely causative organism?

A. Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli
B. Campylobacter jejuni
C. Shigella dysenteriae
D. Vibrio cholera
E. Yersinia enterocolitica
Answer & Explanation


  1. Hello
    Good to see you still have your blog going strong. Hope the course is going well.

    I sat my finals last week and have just realised that the question on this post was duplicated work for word on the first paper!


  2. How funny that your professors would choose to quote the question. We too had our exams this week and a very similar question was posed. I hope your finals went well!


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