Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Fresh Start

With the new year finally here, we are hopefully more ready than ever to make this year a success. I don't know what lies ahead nor what to expect, but in remaining optimistic, I imagine great things.

Annual Expectations

Like starting a school year anew, this time of change allows us to regroup and push forward with stronger resolve than before. As if I was not already burning time with my studies, the time is coming to start preparing for board exams and residency applications. Perhaps that is a little premature, but at least I am thinking about it now rather than waiting until the last minute to conjure up my approach. In 2011 I plan to follow the advice of the band Daft Punk. Their counsel: "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger."

Putting more oomph into my work may not be as easy as I imagine. It seems there is always something that hinders more effort and better efficiency. I guess my secondary goal is to overcome those things and find the success I am looking for in the coming year. One step at a time will keep things moving in the right direction. So this year I am putting my best foot forward and crossing my fingers the returns will be exponential.

Question of the Week
Looking in his medicine cabinet, a 45-year-old man with fever, nasal congestion, fatigue, and arthralgias finds a drug that was originally prescribed for his 15-year-old son's acne. He comes to see his doctor after noticing he has been urinating more frequently than normal ever since taking this drug. Physical examination reveals dry mucous membranes. Blood tests reveal hypokalemia and a pH of 7.2. Urinalysis reveals elevated levels of glucose, protein, calcium, and phosphate. If this condition goes untreated, which of the following is the most likely long-term complication for this patient?

A. Diabetes insipidus
B. Diabetes mellitus
C. Osteomalacia
D. Osteopetrosis
E. Rickets

Answer & Explanation

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  1. Too true. It always helps to sit back and review the previous year. You can see all the goals you've achieved and sometimes it can be quite a pleasant surprise. Here's to the new year!


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