Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Start of Audition Rotations

Let the audition rotations begin. Catching the red eye flight from Las Vegas to Miami was not exactly my idea of fun. Nonetheless, I arrived safely and got a sneak peak at where I will be spending the next month. Literally feet from the water, Mt. Sinai Medical Center serves Miami Beach meeting numerous medical needs.

Beach-side Medicine

I was amazed at the number of memorial wings, buildings and structures. This hospital has a long history of providing health care in the community which was demonstrated by the banner at the front entrance sharing the recent news that it provides the best care in geriatrics. This comes as no surprise since the population of retirees is so saturated here. In my brief exploration of the surroundings, however, I did not see too many seniors bathing in the sun and shopping around town. Perhaps I was not on the right side of town. So now I am curious as to who the hospital patient population will be; international tourists, retired seniors or partying youth.

Every hospital tends to have a unique population set. Some see greater numbers of indigent, immigrants, aged or affluent people. Testing the waters now as a medical student will help me when the time comes to make a residency rank list. Knowing what a program has to offer both in academics and patient presentation can have a significant impact on the education to be received. Fortunately, the programs that are weak in one part of the population often send residents to other facilities to get the exposure needed. Until I actually start my shifts, I suppose I will have to remain in suspense and get used to the humidity we rarely get in the desert. 

Question of the Week
A mother brings in her 10 month old child after what she thinks was a seizure. She reports that he was premature and has a history of broken ribs at 6 months of age. On exam you notice his hair to be steel colored and brittle. He appears very malnourished and small for his age. You correctly diagnose him with Menkes disease which has a deficiency of which of the following?

A. Copper
B. Biotin
C. Zinc
D. Niacin
E. Pyridoxine

Answer & Explanation


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