Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anti-Medical Meanderings

All this humid weather has kept me under a fan, in the air conditioning and rarely outside. The times when I am exposed to the elements are usually reserved for travel to my clinical site, exercise and exploration. Here in Miami Beach there is plenty to explore especially since I am coming from a desert.

Beautiful Exploration

Taking time out of an already busy schedule to investigate a new location is not always easy, especially when time is limited. When traveling to rotation sites out of my home city, I like to get an idea of what the community has to offer and what attractions may be in the area. On a day off, I drove to the Florida keys. I've always been curious about the tropical environment there with its long stretches of road linking numerous islands. Beautiful skies were complemented by the temperate waters and lush greenery. It was a short lived getaway that I needed. Upon my return to the mainland I pit-stopped on one part of the seemingly never ending beach. The entire coast is Atlantic Ocean beach front covered with tourists, towering resorts and one of the nicest boardwalks I've experienced. City life is bustling and the art deco facades a glimpse of times past. This is definitely a colorful place to experience medicine as the hospital caters to those who live and play here.

Traveling to places unknown is a challenge when adjusting to the newness of lifestyle and environment. If the residency match places me here, it's nice to know what I am getting myself into. To me that makes the exploratory day trip worth the effort. Getting a sense for the people and their mentality in and outside of the medical setting is key to making what will be a life influencing decision. On the flip side, this is Miami and summer, I don't know how I could have come here and not experienced what this place has to offer! Living among the locals definitely helps get an idea for what there is to do and see. In exchange for all of this I have to learn to live with the humidity which has been tougher than I imagined.

Question of the Week
An 8 year old boy with rapidly deteriorating cognitive function is not oriented to time, person, or place. On exam he has nuchal rigidity and a high fever. His mother tells you that he has been swimming in a lake at a campground in Florida. You diagnose the boy with meningoencephalitis. Which of the following represents the most likely infectious agent?

A. Neisseria meningitidis
B. Haemophilus influenzae
C. Streptococcus pneumoniae
D. Naegleria fowleri
E. Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Answer & Explanation


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