Sunday, December 4, 2011

Residency Interview - The Tenth

After a transcontinental flight from the West, I found myself in the Long Island rain of New York heading to a pre-interview dinner on the town with the emergency medicine residents of Good Samaritan Hospital.

Good Samaritan Hospital

The table full of appetizers surrounded by residents and students full of questions. It was beneficial learning how residents cope with work, manage their time and invest in their future careers. It was definitely preparatory for the interviews.

We started the day later than most interview days which helped those of us who traveled through multiple time zones. Morning conference was a faculty or resident presentation with ensuing discussion. We had a detailed tour of the emergency department. I was most surprised by the rooms divided into two by a curtain, effectively doubling the bed space. Aside from the tight quarters, it appeared that work was unimpeded and frantically busy. Between trauma, pediatric and adult services, Good Samaritan is one of the busiest EDs on Long Island. The EM program is notably heavy with research and presentations commonly winning the majority of competitions attended.

After a brief overview of the program and surrounding area, we had lunch with the residents and faculty. We were then off to interview. Three separate interviews, each in panel format composed of three faculty and residents. The atmosphere calm, to the point and mutually educational. The area is culturally diverse, hospital continuously active and personnel readily available making this residency a strong place to establish a professional foundation. It was not until I was back in the car headed towards metropolitan New York that I got a taste of vehicular congestion, an avoidable yet frustrating association with this part of the country.

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