Sunday, December 18, 2011

Residency Interview - The Twelfth

After a rejuvenating weekend in Philadelphia, my morning commute took me across the beautifully blue Benjamin Franklin Memorial Bridge into New Jersey where I found the UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine. Interviews would be ongoing throughout the day and I was fortunate to have mine early, leaving the remainder of the day to explore the surroundings.

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

I joined the in-progress round table discussion between students and residents while waiting to be called for my formal interview. It was an opportunity I had become familiar with through the course of previous interviews; probing the minds of current interns and residents as to their thoughts on the program.  When used accordingly, these can usually be a solidifying factor in choosing for or against a program. Knowing how current residents feel towards faculty, facility and curriculum is a vantage point that cannot be overlooked. On this particular day, they were very positive about the program and spoke highly in this regard. 

It did not take long before I found myself across the table from my interviewers: the  program director, an assistant director and the manager of the emergency department. These men, sage in their years and thoughtful in their remarks were attentively looking for the next residents to fill their intern class. In their professional and experienced manner, they described characteristics of loyalty, integrity and honest above all else that they sought. For them, a cohesive residency would be an effective one. I was impressed by their warmness and desire to truly provide their residents with the best program possible. My questions were respectfully answered and I was told what to expect in the coming weeks approaching the Match. 

Shortly after interviewing, we joined the interns for a tour of the hospital. All facilities are community based without trauma designation. The hospital we toured was relatively clean, organized and efficiently run from what I observed. Although the interns were helpful, it would have been nice to have an upper level resident join us to answer questions interns were unequipped to field. Overall, our interview day was relatively short, yet I felt that it was a strong contender on my list of residency programs.

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