Sunday, January 8, 2012

Residency Interviews - In Summary

Looking back over the last five months of 2011, I realize how busy life really was during that time. It seems that I was always on the road working towards the next step and getting ready to meet the next goal along the path. The bittersweet sunset to all the travels, new locations and challenging interviews has come and is now a memory.

Interview Season

Sometimes the numbers say it well:
  • 1 Board exam
  • 2 Case reports written
  • 3 Coasts
  • 4 Clinical rotation sites
  • 5 Months
  • 13 States
  • 14 Residency Interviews
  • 25,468 miles traveled

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It was a lot of road and air time, which I always thought would be fun. At first it was, but as time went on it became very exhausting living out of a suitcase and never in one place for too long. I met great people along the way and was able to visit some fantastic places which can be seen in the links below:
One might think from my photos that I wasn't doing much in the way of rotations at hospitals, but I would prefer to maintain some patient privacy while working. With all that excitement and stress behind me, it is time to prepare for the less adventurous yet fear provoking Match. In a week's time I will be submitting my rank list for residency programs and within a month hopefully hearing good news. It is just a matter of time at this point, but at least things are moving along well.

Question of the Week

What programs are the forerunners in your rank list?



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