Sunday, May 11, 2008


Is it already time to pick up the house and move? It can definitely be one of the most stressful events of the year. With a little planning, a lot of cardboard, and helpful hands, your move can be rather painless. As my hands will be full the day of my move, I decided to discuss the topic early.

Plan Ahead
Some medical schools offer relocation allowances for new students. Unfortunately, TUNCOM is not among them. Before finalizing reservations, contact your school to determine the allowance they offer, as they may require the use of a particular service.

Although my move is not planned for another two months, it was necessary to ensure a vehicle would be reserved for the big day. Depending on the time of the month, rates will change according to demand. Commonly the busy days are Fridays or Weekends near the end of the month. Agencies will rent moving space or trucks with little or no prior notice, but be prepared to pay significantly more. A reservation can usually be canceled with no penalties if your service is given 48 hours notice.

In searching for a moving company, there are many options and it is wise to shop around. Compare some of the major companies, their offered discounts, and options. Below are some notable commercial movers and a few pros and cons:

  • Ryder- 15% discount when reserved online, few locations
  • U-Haul- 3 days, 500 miles included, poor customer service, old fleet
  • U-Pack/ABF- they drive, gas price included, 10% discount
  • Budget- 3 days, 10% online discount, limited miles
  • Penske- 4 days, unlimited miles, ~20% discount (online only), new fleet
What Size Mover?
Knowing how much space is needed may be difficult to determine without a little help. Penske has a great tool they call the Truck Loading Wizard, which helps calculate the appropriate size truck for your move.

Some auto agencies will cover you during your move. Contact your agent to learn if this is the case, if not, you may consider purchasing moving insurance. This is often provided as a service through the moving company.

Give yourself adequate time to pack your belongings and load the truck. Start early packing boxes, dismantling furniture, and discarding unwanted objects. If you intend to sell furniture or other items, list them well in advance to ensure they are sold by the time of your move. The more you have packed before your truck arrives, the less stress you will have to incur.

Here's to happy moving!


  1. Dude, I love that picture. Best of luck during the move, I always stressed out way too much for mine, and that was just from a single room in an apartment...

  2. Hey
    Have you also looked into PackRat or Pods or something similar? They allow you to pack the container and then they pick it up to move it. Just a thought if you have the time.

    Also, are you taking your items from the parental unit? You'll need to get a way to get them to your place or pick them up here if you are. Just another thing to think about.

    As always, good blog!

  3. Thanks for giving me this link! That truck loading wizard is excellent. It was exactly what we needed to figure out what size truck we need. Thanks again!


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