Sunday, June 14, 2009

Discount Medical Books

It's time again to purchase the next series of textbooks and supplies. Those that cannot be found at Google Books may just have to be purchased at a reasonable price elsewhere.

Book Discounts

Fortunately, some professors reuse texts from the first year cutting down on book costs significantly. If this is not the case, here are a few learned ideas that may come in handy:

  • Upperclassmen are often willing to sell used school books which would cut out the problem and expense of shipping and handling
  • The school library will usually have course texts available for loan at no expense to you
  • Deal Oz - Scouring more than 200 online stores, they find the best prices on the net, coupons and discounts apply to both new and used products...use it
Selling Used Books

If you are like most medical students, you are always looking for a little spending money, even if that means you just need to make up the difference in the cost for discounted books. It might be time for you to sell used textbooks. Honestly, most of them you will never use again and others will be outdated in no time. Rid your shelves of those that are taking up space while people still want them.

Despite the large variety of small textbook businesses, it may be wise to stick with the more common vendors; half, ebay, and amazon. If you would rather see your used textbooks go to good use, consider the incoming class, they will be looking for your great offers.


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