Sunday, June 28, 2009

Federal Student

Although I never really imagined having time to be employed anywhere as a medical student, I was happily surprised when the opportunity presented itself. This is the cadaver lab where we dissected cadavers and where I participate in the federal work-study program.

Federal Student Work

No longer a run-of-the-mill student, but a federally paid student, I reduce some of the hefty student loan I borrowed and learn at the same time. Nationally, students at more than 3,000 institutions are hired part-time to help in various operations and other positions. Almost two-thirds of the pay comes from federal funds geared towards students in financial need...for which most medical students qualify. The remaining third comes from the institution and all remuneration is tax free.

Once first year ended, I gained employment as a laboratory assistant in the bioskills and anatomy labs at Touro University-Nevada. Currently, the labs are home to 47 cadavers, the majority of which coworkers and I are preparing for the incoming DO class of 2013. Some are being prosected in preparation for allied health students within TUN's other colleges. I must admit that my job is probably one of the more unique federal student positions available.

In addition to earning a little extra among the cadavers, I will be able to brush up on anatomical landmarks and terms. This should bolster some of the already fading memories of structures once learned. Although impossible to work off my student loans in this position, if it helps when boards come around, I will be one step closer to graduating as a doctor. When that happens, no more federal student for me, instead my tax dollars will be feeding into the next generation of federally paid student employees.

Clinical Corner

Willed Body Program

The cadavers that are provided for students are obtained via willed body programs. A number of these programs exist around the country which are often associated with medical universities. An individual can specify that they would like their bodies to be used for the purpose of medical research by filing a donor form before dying. This gift to science has benefited the medical community in ways that the common public is not aware. In the university setting, these individuals are often considered a student's first patient.


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