Sunday, September 6, 2009

Second Exam Week One

Let the fun begin. Although it seems like we've just begun the year, block weeks are here. That equates to a lot of late nights, little sleep, and excessive stress.

Student Syndrome

Fortunately, by this time we have been "around the block" a number of times and we are starting to feel comfortable with the flow. The sense of shock that was once there is more of a nagging feeling to get back in the books and make the most of our time. With one week to show what we have gained over the past month, why not drive hard?

Now the exams are not necessarily "old hat" just yet. In addition to revisiting the grueling routine again, we still have a lot of new subject material. Where there is one normal physiological function for everything, there are multiple pathological occurrences. That adds up really quick, leaving a substantial amount of material to cover.

The school has become my second home...for better or worse. The two most appreciated feelings are 1. Doing well on an exam and 2. Jumping into bed at the end of the night. Did I mention how much I love medical school?

Clinical Corner

Student Syndrome

This refers to the art, skill or habit of procrastination commonly employed by students to hold off their most important tasks to the last minute or wish there was more time to complete their work. Although I would like to say I do not actually have this syndrome, I am of the opinion that if you are a student, you likely exhibit it to some degree. Avoid cramming and use your time efficiently, even if it is at the last minute.


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