Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wireless Mobile Phones

As technology advances, similar improvements can be seen in the medical field. The possibility of having communication devices at our fingertips has changed our approach to simple tasks. With smartphones now available in all shapes and sizes, technology continues to maintain its "coolness" with the added bonus of simplified communication.


Knowing full well that in less than a year I will be working in the clinics and hospitals among physicians and patients, I wanted to ensure that I had one of the most helpful tools in my pocket. Where a Personal Digital Assistant or book may have useful applications they still lacks in communication. The smartphones, on the other hand, are all encompassing with everything from internet and wireless communication to user friendly applications that make life easier.

Within the last few years the smartphone market has become increasingly saturated with new brands and models to meet diverse personal needs. In my recent hunt for the right phone I was able to narrow my search with the help of Top Ten Reviews. With so many options, it was helpful to have one place with customer reviews and technological differences.

In the end I chose to purchase Apple's iPhone for a number of reasons. A large portion of the purchase cost ($400 to be exact) is covered by AT&T making the initial out-of-pocket cost more affordable. To my surprise, the technology is rather easy to use and navigate, even for a beginner. With an expanding collection of applications, the iPhone has a versatile array of uses for many settings including the medical field, which was a critical deciding factor in my case. Although it may be a little more expensive than some of its counterparts, I felt the iPhone was the best fit for my particular medical student needs and will be an indispensable tool in my professional aspirations.

AT&T Gift Card

I have also recently learned that with a new AT&T account you can receive a $25 dollar gift card when referred by an existing user. That said, if you are planning to switch to AT&T or have recently joined AT&T, leave a comment on this post to that effect and I will provide you with the information needed to get your $25. Just be sure to leave your name and a means to contact you. Consider it your bonus for getting to the end of this post!


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