Sunday, November 29, 2009

Watch Medicine

In lieu of the holiday season and the thought of possibly having a little time to kill while on vacation I have sought out forms of digital entertainment that are sure to keep you amused while feeding the inner medical monster.

Medical Media

Fortunately, I do not own a television. Despite the shock this might cause, it is really a blessing considering how much homework I have. Every now and then, however, I just need a respite from the books and take advantage of the offerings provided by the World Wide Web. Below are links to free medical television shows, movies and procedures for your downtime enjoyment (if you have other suggestions, please leave them in the comments):

Medical TV

  • House - An arrogant physician and great diagnostician takes on intricate cases
  • Grey's Anatomy - Resident and veteran doctors dramatize their medical lives
  • Mercy - Television drama at Mercy Hospital
  • Private Practice - A drama about a neonatal surgeon practicing in California
  • Trauma - Paramedics from San Francisco race to save lives
  • Scrubs - A comical show about healthcare providers at Sacred Heart Hospital
  • Emergency! - Los Angeles paramedics respond to emergencies in this older series
  • St. Elsewhere - An 80's look at health providers in a Boston hospital
  • Nip/Tuck - The dramatized life of plastic surgeons
  • ReGenesis - Episodes about a team of anti-bioterrorists
  • Chicago Hope - A healthcare team provides treatment to those who have lost hope
  • Doogie Howser, M.D. - A young physician's approach to healthcare
Medical Movies
  • Lorenzo's Oil - A moving story about parents who race to save their dying child
  • Patch Adams - A comical view of humor in medicine
  • Sicko - Comparison documentary between socialized medicine and American medicine
  • Awakenings - New treatment permits catatonic patients to return to society
Medical Procedures
  • ORLive - Watch recorded or live surgical procedures
  • MedlinePlus - Various surgical videos available online
Board Prep Question of the Week

A patient presents to your clinic with a complaint of visual difficulties. On physical exam, you notice that when the patient looks to the left, only his right eye moves. The rest of the exam was within normal limits. The nerve responsible for this patient's problem travels through which of the following structures?

A. Internal auditory meatus
B. Foramen ovale
C. Foramen rotundum
D. Optic canal
E. Superior orbital fissure

Answer & Explanation


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