Sunday, December 6, 2009

Second Exam Week Three

There is really no need to say it, but the general consensus is that we are ready for the winter break to be here. The endless hours of review and study are starting to take a toll, unfortunately we still have five more days of exams to push through. This napping station sure looks enticing...


Despite my best efforts to study into the next calendar day, I have found that I just cannot do it on my own. Taking time to break away from the books for a short period to shoot hoops, eat a meal or just squeeze in a short nap has fortunately lengthened my capacity to sit for longer periods. On the flip side, I have yet to determine the educational and graded benefits of this approach.

A fellow blogger and former medical student currently in his residency suggested an intriguing method for maximizing his time and efficiency. He calls it the Caffeine Power Nap as it combines the effects of sleep and drink to fuel ones durable energy. From personal observation I don't think my adenosine receptors are as responsive to the methylxanthine as others self-report, but the placebo effect seems to work for now. Ask me how I am holding up by the end of the week, that's the real test.

Board Prep Question of the Week

A 78 year old obese female with a history of bilateral knee arthritis and asthma presents to your office with symptoms consistent with stable angina. You choose to further evaluate her with a cardiac stress echo. For this patient, what agent is the most appropriate method to induce myocardial stress?

A. Adenosine
B. Dipyridamole
C. Dobutamine
D. Metoprolol
E. Treadmill Exercise

Answer & Explanation


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