Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Boarding Into the Future

Despite the obvious enjoyment of our spring break from medical school, we are also gearing up for the most important exam of our life...boards. Translation: very little vacation and lots of time to study.

Vacation vs. Study

Call me crazy, but I have a feeling that I am not the only student spending my vacation reviewing concepts, exploring question banks and preparing for the months ahead. I have taken time to enjoy the time off and even managed to reproduce my annual farmer's tan in the meantime. Nevertheless, I was compelled to dedicate a portion of my time to catching up where the routine studies made me lose ground.

I think the simple fact that so many have gone before and there will be more to come is reassuring. This metaphorical med school sandwich means there is hope yet. In the back of my mind I pretend that just by registering for the board exam and enduring classroom lectures, the examiners will congratulate us all and send us happily on our way. I know the reality is that these exams are in place to protect the public from incompetent practitioners. This is a roundabout way of expressing my fear, but I would be lying if I said I felt confident at this point. When it just becomes too much to handle, I stop and follow the advice of my high school algebra teacher; Count to Roman numerals and things usually start to feel better. I, II, III, IV...

Board Prep Question of the Week
A 6-year-old child is brought by ambulance to the emergency room following an automobile accident. She is covered with blood and unconscious secondary to hemorrhagic shock. Her parents urge the physician to do everything possible, but implore that no blood products be used to treat their daughter. What is the best course of action for the physician to take?

A. Administer blood without delay and contact child protective services
B. Convene an urgent meeting of the hospital ethics board
C. Engage the parents in a discussion of why they hold these beliefs
D. Transfuse blood as needed, explaining the situation to the parents
E. Treat the patient without using blood products, per the request of her parents

Answer & Explanation


  1. i'm with you on that boat. studying for all my exams right now! brutal =/

  2. Best of luck...thanks for letting me know I am not in the boat alone.


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