Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Time for Celebration

Last week may have marked the last exam of my official educational career...assuming I passed. While I can think of no more depressing way of spending my 30th birthday than sitting for a medical school board exam on a rainy day in a foreign city, the celebration of being done was thoroughly enjoyable even if it was only a modest party for one.

Moving Right Along

All I could think was, "finally this exam is done." It has plagued me for so long trying to concentrate on rotations and applying to residency programs. With any luck I will have passed and can move on to worrying about interviews and the upcoming match. It seems like just yesterday one of the upperclassmen was telling me how fast medical school would go by. Of course at the time I couldn't believe the semester would ever come to an end. And now, looking back, we have been so busy that I barely noticed the elapsed time. Although we have not quite reached the summit of this experience, it is definitely in site and attainable at this point.

Reflecting on 30 years seems rather farcical and I wonder if the 20 some years of education has really paid its dividends. Does that mean that medicine can be considered my second career? At this point, I think I am ready to move on to career mode and at least realize a little of the benefits from all of this training even if that means more responsibility. But I am getting ahead of myself. I have yet to be officially told the examination was a success and I still have interviews to attend. Now, more than ever, is the time to sprint to the finish and focus on keeping my game face. There will be more time to celebrate later, but it was nice to pit-stop for a moment and feel human again.

Question of the Week
A 25 year old medical student who was PPD-negative when starting medical school tests PPD-positive after her first ward rotation. As her physician, what is your first step in managing this patient?

A. Repeat the PPD
B. Check her liver function
C. Obtain a sputum sample for culture
D. Order a chest roentgenogram
E. Order a urine culture

Answer & Explanation


  1. Happy birthday and congrats! I'm sure you did very well. :) (FYI- I just celebrated my 30th a few weeks ago.)

  2. Thanks Beth and happy birthday to you too! When I blew out the candle all I could wish for was a passing grade... I hope those birthday wishes still come true even at 30!


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