Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things That Might Kill You

Exams are over and the weekend was great...for doing taxes. On the positive side, in addition to an expected great tax return, our anatomy course is complete and I think I still have a passing grade in all my classes. Spring break is really starting to look exciting though, when does it get here?

In the wake of my so called break from the books, I found this great book that every hypochondriac or medical student should add to their library, even if just for laughs.

If I remember correctly, last week I had Marfan Syndrome, I kid you not! Fortunately it probably wouldn't kill me. Taxes almost did and exams left me hanging by a thread, yet I staved them off.

Clinical Corner

Marfan Syndrome

This genetically inherited group of symptoms is often characterized by individuals who are tall and have thin, long fingers or arachnodactyly. They may have disorders of the heart, lungs, eyes or other systems. It was the pectus excavatum that convinced me I had it, but fortunately this is not definitive. Despite not having a cure, life expectancy is growing and can be supported by regular check ups for specific complications.


  1. I totally asked for that book for Christmas and I didn't get it. Will it make me more paranoid? ha ha the ER misses you!

  2. I'm certain it would make anyone more paranoid. Fortunately it is affordable and you could get it for your next indulging read.

  3. Okay that book looks funny!! Where did yuo get it?

  4. You can get the book by clicking on the image or the link in the post, either will take you to the online store.


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