Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tax Time

Just when things start to mellow out, I can feel Uncle Sam reaching deep into my already emptied pockets. It's that time of year again when W-2 forms show up in the mailbox, numbers get crunched, and taxes get paid.


Considering all the things that taxes are used for I guess they aren't too terrible, but they certainly don't help my situation financially as a student in plenty of debt. Once all the government documents arrive and get filed we get to file even more as students.

It wouldn't be possible to pay for school without a little help from the government. Therefore, completing the FAFSA and other scholarship opportunities permits my education to continue. Considering some of the tax breaks, the process a little more bearable (thank you new house). I certainly don't mind being able to file taxes for free.


As the numbers become quite important, I thought a running total of expenses for Touro University Nevada's College of Osteopathic Medicine would be appropriate.

Obviously these will vary from year to year and student to student, but it is in the right ballpark. Moving, housing and food expenses have not been included. With Valentine's Day around the corner, you can help curb some of these costs and get some fantastic deals, consider some of these great gift ideas.

Clinical Corner

Epistaxis (Nose bleed)

Research says that about 90% of nose bleeds occur as a result of damage to Kiesselbach's area. It is found in the front part of the nose and has a rich blood supply. The predominant reoccurring trauma is caused by fingers that are doing too much scratching. A smaller percentage comes from the back of the nose that cannot be reached by fingers which often requires medical help. Stopping a nose bleed may take time, and is good knowledge to have if you ever need it.


  1. eagleeyez ( 1, 2009 at 7:38 PM

    Unfortunately, the taxes are spent in wrong way mostly, supporting country like Israel, who get 15 billion dollar per year, how much student can this amount of money help to finish their study without being in debt ?, what is the impact on US economy too ...

    This to not talk about the fact that income taxes are illegal, if only US people have voted for Ron Paul maybe they have got a better chance to fix their internal problems ...

  2. Certainly taxes are a question of political decision. In general they are used to support many of the citizens. My student loans would likely not be existent without taxes and for that I am grateful.

    Thanks for your input eagleeyez.

  3. I hear you on the taxes!! And no there are no wedding bells anywhere near the future!! That info was requested by a few certain girls (rachel).

  4. Filing for taxes is really a drag. As a student, most of the time you’ll find yourself barely being able to make ends meet even with a job or two. Taxes and student debt are the last things that you want to worry about. Heck, doesn’t the government know that you have tests to study for? Taxes really aren’t that bad, given that they’re appropriated to the right sectors and projects, but there is an obvious disparity between how much the rich pay in taxes versus how much the rest of us do. I think it’s this imbalance that makes taxes a lot harder for those who aren’t making 6 figures a year.

    Elias Brasel @ OnCoreBookKeeping Services


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